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Avril 14th

Born with the beauty of spring.


first time I reblogged porn

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Good morning!!!

Tonight i didn’t sleep at all. I spent the whole night talking to people, watching Memoirs of a Geisha, reading,  drawing and listening to Mürfila. Around 4-5 am i started feeling sleepy and cold, but i managed to stay awake and now (9 am, raining, 15ºC) i feel so full of energy apparently for no reason, buut… the morning is all cloudy and it’s raining, which makes me very happy. I had plans for today but, whatever, it’s the first true rainy day of the year so fuck plans and let’s enjoy it!!

Everyone have a good morning and a nice day!!

xoxoxo Alexandra Sabrina <3

J.K. Rowling

—Dobby's Warning


J.K. Rowling reads: 
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Dobby’s Warning

(If you ever wanted to hear J.K. Rowling imitating Dobby’s voice, here’s your chance.)

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I’m angry because i can’t have my tea!!

Yes, i had no tea today because i can’t drink nor eat anything hot. Why? Very simple: today i finally went to the dentist to take out my f*!?$&% molar tooth. No more pain!!! Well, at least until the effects of anesthesia fade away, which is going to be very soon… despite that they injected me enough to put a horse to sleep. XD

Anyway…I didn’t post anything in the last few day, basically because i’ve been doing pretty much… nothing. I’ve been at home, reading, knitting, putting some order in my bedroom… Except on Monday, when i went to my knitting group, which was on hiatus for holidays. After it, i went shopping for trinkets, and i made some really lucky finds!!(I also tried to make a v-log, but my voice is so ridiculous…) So, this is what i bought:

A cute notebook and two pens (one has blue ink, the other one has pink glitter): all for 1€.


Brown nail polish with gold glitter, a lovely apricot lipstick, and a small box of tiny clay roses for nails and decoden in various colours : 1€ each.


Love at first sight: a lovely golden ring with  a bird that now flies in my hand, for just 2€!!

In another shop i  found some craft supplies at good prices: Two spools of thin wire and lobster clips for 0.75€ each.


And finally, a mini glue gun!! And glue bars, of course: Both for 5€.


It was nice to get some useful yet pretty things at such good prices, now it’s time to start crafting to madness!!

BTW, i forgot to take outfit photos :( But i’ll remember to do so next time  i go out, i promise! That also means i’ll do something interesting enough to write a post about it! (Hopefully within this week XD)

So,that’s all for today, have a good night and see you soon!!

xoxoxo Alexandra Sabrina <3



This would be my perfect house in the woods. <3

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Awful shopping day!!

Hi dear followers!!

I know yesterday i said i was going shopping,and i did, buut…

First: I had a really bad night because i have a broken molar tooth thas has been hurting as hell and i couldn’t sleep at all. But fortunately tomorrow i have an appointment at the dentist to solve the problem. :)

Second: I got out of bed like a zombie and all i wanted for breakfast was a painkiller. Of course i had to eat something so i took a toast and a glass of orange juice (freshly squeezed, i hate bottled orange juice). After half an hour or so i felt much better and hungry too, so i had another toast and a coffee.

Third: I met with my friend and we went to Primark. I found a pair of skinny jeans that i really liked at first, but when i tried them on, they fitted horribly because they were too high waisted to be low rise, but too low to be high waist. Sounds weird, i know. Then we went to the shoe section, where i was planning to take a pair of Converse-style shoes and another pair of Vans-style ones.  None of them were available in my size.

So, we had lunch at Burger King, i ate a Long Chicken as usual because they are delicious to madness!! Then i came back home, with empty hands again… XD And i was really tired so i took a nap and then had some warm tea. <3

Today wasn’t a very fruitful day, but i hope tomorrow will be better!! I’m going to bed as soon as i end writing this post, so i’ll wake up early and go for a run at the seafront before breakfast.

Hope everybody has a good night, and see you tomorrow!!

xoxoxo Alexandra Sabrina <3

¡Día de Reyes! (The Three Wise Men Day)

Hi everyone!!

Yesterday (Sunday the 6th of January) was the “Día de los Reyes Magos” (the “Three Wise Men Day”), and in Spain it is traditional to give presents to family, especially to children, and to have “Rosco de Reyes” for breakfast with them. The “Rosco” or “Roscón” is a big doughnut-shape cake with candied fruit on top and usually filled with whipped cream, chocolate or thick custard.

Children are told that they must behave well or otherwise the Wise Men will bring them “candy charcoal” (which is only black-dyed sugar blocks) and they write a letter to them telling the presents they want.

I’m a bit grown up to write a letter already XD But anyway , i still have presents!!


My gifts were a Wacom Bamboo Pen&Touch from my Dad, and J.K. Rowling’s “The Casual Vacancy” (in spanish, of course); also i received €70 from my Aunt and Grandma for shopping. All the shops are having sales now, so i’m going shopping tomorrow morning!! So, expect a post about it! XD

Well, that’s all for today! Now i’m going to bed with “The Casual Vacancy”… I hope you all have a good night!!

xoxoxo Alexandra Sabrina <3


Book-Binding in Florence - Sergio Giovannoni

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This would last about 5 minutes in my bookstore.

First response: Let me marry that booksellerSecond response: How do you take a book from that without it killing you.. 

One does not simply take a book from the Eye of Sauron 

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This would last about 5 minutes in my bookstore.

First response: Let me marry that bookseller
Second response: How do you take a book from that without it killing you.. 

One does not simply take a book from the Eye of Sauron 

Reblogging because of ^^^^^

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I’m still surprised when I see I have a message.

I’m still excited when I get a new follower.

I’m still happy when a post of mine actually gets notes.

And I still appreciate each and every one of you who continues to follow me no matter how silly, or annoying, or weird I am.

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