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Avril 14th

Born with the beauty of spring.

mysticism by (Andy Grellmann)


mysticism by (Andy Grellmann)

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You can have as many French dogs as you like.

—Marie Antoinette (2006)

Pagans Trying to Agree on Dogma

  • Fluffy 1: Okay, this should be easy! Since we're all Pagans, it's clear we all are nature-based, so that should be our first dogma.
  • Kemetic Recon: Excuse me, I don't consider myself nature based.
  • Fluffy 2: But, isn't Ra an aspect of the sun god? That makes you nature based!
  • Kemetic: No it doesn't.
  • Fluffy 1: Wait, let's not fight! I'm sure we can find something else we agree on. We all worship the goddess and god in many aspects, right?
  • Hard Polytheist: No. I think all the gods are individuals.
  • Celtic Traditionalist: Me too!
  • Fluffy 2: Don't be silly, that's so primitive. No, it's beyond primitive, because our ancient ancestors all understood the fact that all gods are one god, all goddesses are one goddess. It's just the patriarchal Christian propaganda that made it look otherwise.
  • Hellenic Pagan: No it isn't, and I have the research to prove it...
  • Fluff 2: Stay out of this, you patriarchal Greek worshiper!
  • Random New Ager: Whoa, everyone calm down. It's fine that we don't all agree on that. But I'm sure we can all be one in the light!
  • Dark Pagan: No we can't. What about the darkness?
  • Fluff 1: Darkness? Eewww, icky.
  • New Ager: How about reincarnation?
  • Satanist: No. When you're dead, that's it.
  • Setian: Unless you become a god!
  • Fluffy 2: *gasp* Who brought these evil ones here?!
  • New Ager: They're not evil. They just haven't yet discovered that god is love and love is the universe! One day when they've vibrated to a higher level, they'll understand. But until then, don't worry, I'll save us with my rainbow rays of protective lovelight! *shoots rainbow rays at darksiders*
  • (Darksiders fall into a ball on the floor, gasping and choking)
  • Setian: Urgh... cough... your rainbow powers caught me off guard, but soon enough I will regain my composure and shield myself from your onslaughts through sheer will alone!
  • Fluff 1: *plugs ears and starts singing 'we all come from the goddess'*
  • Satanist: Your attempts at using your sheep-like faith in the powers of love to defend yourself from me is amusing, but I am a god and thus immune to your pitiful attacks.
  • Dark Pagan: Aaackk.... I'm blind... but as soon as I can see I'm cursing your ass!
  • Fluffy 2: I knew you weren't a real Pagan! Cursing is against the Rede! 'An it harm none, do what thou wi...' *thunk*
  • (Fluffy 2 falls dead, their weak mind apparently unable to withstand the strength of the recovered Setian's will)
  • Fluff 1: You think you've just won, but wait till you get that back times three!
  • Setian: Oh, sure. I'm going to die three times because your little friend over there just couldn't take it.
  • New Ager: Well, actually, according to Ram Dass...
  • *suddenly, the New Ager is crushed by the foot of some dark deity the Dark Pagan was invoking while everyone else was distracted. Fluff 1 resumes singing 'We all Come from the Goddess' in hopes of making it go away, but to no avail. Utter chaos insues...*
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I have a soft spot for unusual markings.

this is meant to be my pony because it has a c on its face



I have a soft spot for unusual markings.

this is meant to be my pony because it has a c on its face

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Because I am so happy to get back into the world of blogging and to thank everyone for their great and very meaningful support I decided to make this one the best yet :D It features 3 prize packs (1st to 3rd place) and a Canon DSLR camera, wigs and much more. If you follow me just to join, that’s rather disappointing, and Good Luck to everyone.

1st place pack: 1 Canon Eos-400D with 18-55mm lens / 1 new L-email blond and pink wig / 1 new H&M pink skater dress (medium) / 1 pair angel tights / 1 pair eyelashes / 1 eyeshadow palette / 2 deco sticker sheets / 1 Dollywink catalog / 1 purikura clear file / 1 Hello Kitty scalp massager / 4 cute phone straps / 1 My Little Pony (not pictured)

2nd place pack: 1 new L-email blond wig / 1 new pink tutu skirt (one size) / 1 pair ribbon tattoo tights / 1 set of ichigo flatware / 1 My Little Pony / 1 eyeshadow palette / 1 Dollywink catalog / 1 purikura clear file / 3 phone straps

3rd place pack: 1 new L-email pink wig / 1 purikura clear file / 1 My Little Pony / 1 Listen Flavor badge / 2 phone straps


This giveaway is entirely out of my own pocket and not affiliated with any brand or Tumblr

Winners chosen by random number generator 

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Open until August 1st 11:30pm eastern time

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